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Why We Exist

A Digital B2B Marketing Company

At Forecast Sunny Marketing, our mission is to help business owners elevate their success by leveraging marketing that is clear, focused and actionable – and generate results. We strive to live by a powerful set of values and make them evident through our actions with every client interaction and engagement.


Our Core


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Steadfast Integrity

Acting with integrity, honesty and openness is a must for us. We know that these values enable us to establish client relationships based on trust.

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Commitment &

We are fully committed to our customers and hold ourselves accountable to them. This is our utmost responsibility and we take it very seriously.

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Bold, Passionate Work

We love what we do and our passion shows in our work. We embrace challenges and our work embodies bold, brave creativity and innovation.

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Humility + Gratitude =

Everyday, our goal is to exemplify gratitude and humility. They are the linchpins of wisdom and success.

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Always Be Learning

We are inherently curious and dynamic environments energize us to always be learning. Complacency has no place in our business or our lives.

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Fun, Fun, Fun.

When we laugh and enjoy what we do, we keep the right perspective. We like to have fun, and spread a bit of joy to others.


Meet Our

Marketing team

Our remarkable team of creative planners, content creators, designers, strategists, and data curators are prepped and ready to take your brand to new heights.

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Kelly Wagner •


Kelly is a marketing executive with 20+ years of experience spanning marketing and sales. Her expertise is in crafting innovative marketing approaches that produce revenue growth. Kelly leads by cultivating collaborative work environments to implement integrated marketing approaches. Kelly’s creative energy helps her orchestrate customized, fit-for-use, successful marketing approaches for clients.

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Pam Moses •

Creative Director

Pam specializes in graphic design and creative direction. She earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts at the Ringling College of Art and Design for Computer Animation. Pam has worked in diverse marketing roles and is masterful at weaving all marketing together to craft harmonious designs and creative. She loves to take on new and challenging projects and lives by the adage, “always be learning”.

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Ryan Kauffman •


Ryan is a Google-certified PPC (pay-per-click) Specialist with 7+ years of digital marketing experience.His expertise includes Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, and Text Message Marketing across multiple industries and geographic regions. Ryan is gifted at engaging prospects online to help boost our clients’ revenue growth


Morgan Wagner •


Planning corporate events and building client relationships is my specialty. Morgan has a passion for creative problem solving and a determination for success that has led her to the marketing world. She embraces every client’s marketing needs and implements those needs with creativity and drive.

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Out of Your Marketing

A marketing strategy defines your why and a marketing plan defines your how. A good marketing consultant helps you define both with great results!