Spend less and improve your ROI


Stop giving away your revenue to booking agents. As we noted in a previous article, the personalized attention to your guests is a pathway to higher profits. A couple of reasons this is a wise strategy: It doesn’t take a big effort to figure out what your guests prefer, and you’re already devoted to giving them the exceptional services that make them more likely to return.

It’s also a smart tactic because you’re the one communicating with your guests, not some third party that thinks they’re doing you a favor. Focusing on the personal approach you do best is at the core of our advice for growing your hotel profits. It makes it possible to elevate the guest experience and bring them back. You already provide exceptional services. Higher profits are largely a matter of communicating what you offer and making it easy to recognize and take advantage of those offerings.

Do what you do best

Your front desk and hospitality staff are the face of your hotel. Use them to do what they’re best at -- interacting with guests and giving them a first-class stay. This is how you deliver the services that, as we’ve covered elsewhere on this blog, elevate the guest experience.

The better their experience, the more likely they will be to return. And if they are happy enough with your hospitality, they will become ambassadors who spread the word to family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and the millions who go online to plan their family vacations and business trips. Grow your base of return guests and the cycle of higher profits will continue as it grows ever wider.

A better way to improving your ROI

By reducing your time and finances chasing new guests, and by not giving your revenue away to third-party booking services, you place your energies where they should be: delivering the great experiences that create loyalty and drive profits.

When you have a sales and marketing system that automates your communications, your staff can spend more time treating guests like valuable individuals. You also get to know what matters to them, information that can turn a good experience into a great one.

That information drives the automated emails that provide a personalized touch by:

  • Thanking guests for making their reservation
  • Soliciting their feedback, offering promotions
  • Letting them know you're looking forward to their next stay

A digital marketing system empowers you to continue to interact with your guests after they’ve left. You’ll be empowered to provide the attention and information that keeps them interested while also discovering their preferences for an even better return visit.

These automated emails can thank guests for making their reservation, solicit their feedback, offer promotions, and tell them you're looking forward to their next stay.

Let’s create a plan to improve your ROI

Don’t chase customers that you’ve already earned. We are passionate about supporting great tourism and helping you make the most of your hospitality. Contact Forecast Sunny today and we’ll design and deliver a plan that lets you focus on your services as you bring in higher profits.